Our Story

As a parent and teacher, I have witnessed the power of building self-worth, and it is the most valuable gift you can give a child.   ~Josephine

Acts of love and surprises are treasured pleasures of childhood…the unexpected day trip to the beach, the special birthday cake or the simple note left in the school lunchbox. As a mother of four young children, I was always looking for simple ways to send them praise/encouragement/love, even when we were not together. I was super busy, so it needed to be easy and something I could do any day, any time. I also wanted it to be something anyone could do-their dad, family, friends, and even the kids among each other, regardless of their age or abilities.

So I went out shopping but came home empty-handed; what I was looking for simply did not exist. So I made makeshift 'doorboxes' for each of my children’s bedroom doors. Over the years, the kids received mostly simple deliveries in the form of notes (“I’m proud of how hard you worked on your science project” or “Guess what? I love you sooo much!” with a chocolate kiss) with the occasional extra (“bake your favorite cookies at 4:00 today??” or "Happy Friday" with money for the school store or a dessert in town). My fondest memories to date are when I caught glimpses of my kids’ faces as they read a note they had received, when I saw them exchanging deliveries among themselves or, my favorite, when I found some of their notes in drawers, kept, to be read over and over. 

Our Doorboxes got plenty of use and were patched up numerous times, but by the time my older two were teens, their Doorboxes had fallen apart beyond repair. To my surprise and delight, they both wanted new ones. It should not have surprised me though; 3, 23 and 93 year-olds alike want to hear that they are important, accepted, valued, respected, loved, kind, smart, funny, creative, unique, worthy, appreciated… 

My hope is that this Doorbox becomes a tradition in your home that brings joy and promotes a special loving bond within your family. 

There are always reasons to spread joy, and so there is the option to purchase stickers that support animals who seek love and kindness too! All proceeds from sticker sales are donated to the respective charity. 

Please feel free to email us at with photos or reaction videos that we can share on social media or post on our website. And please remember, there are always reasons to spread joy!

Warmest Wishes,

Josephine Vricella-Stokes

Founder, No Stamps Needed