There are so many ways to enjoy doorbox with your family and friends!! We have included a few ideas and would love to hear from you…so share your ideas and photos with us at for us to share on our website or social media!!


Words to make a child (or adult) smile: YOU ARE:

important, adventurous, kind, affectionate, a joy, creative, smart, valued, interesting, special, attentive, authentic, curious, fair, awesome, brave, caring, focused, energetic, compassionate, appreciated, confident, friendly, generous, enthusiastic, forgiving, appreciated, fun/funny, innovative, patient, honest, gentle, insightful, organized, loyal, hardworking, open-minded, humble, optimistic, motivated, strong, outgoing, intuitive, loved/loving, sympathetic, positive, reliable, observant, persistent, trustworthy, ambitious, creative, intelligent, fashionable, sharp, devoted, hysterical, witty, my favorite______

Phrases that bring joy:

I love you, You got this (test/try-outs/interview), You are important to me, You make me smile, My world is better with you in it, I have faith in you, I know you can handle it, You are creative, Trust your instincts, You are capable, You are deserving, You are strong, Your choices matter, You make a difference, You are a good son/daughter/sibling/friend, You can ask me anything, Growing up is hard work, I believe in you, You are beautiful inside and out, Your ideas matter/are interesting, I see you working and learning every day, I like to hear your ideas, You’ve made me think of things in a completely new way, Thanks for helping me/our family, You are an important and special part of our family, I enjoy your company, It’s fun to do things with you, I’m proud of you, I’m grateful you’re in my life, You make me smile, Just a quick note to say hello  

Some ideas to add a little extra: 

*encouraging note with appropriate token: hand warmers before winter hike, eraser for big test, energy gum for sport tournament, dental floss before dentist, chocolate kiss to start day, SPF balm for pool, ear plugs for sleepover

*handwritten coupon: chore-free day, extended curfew, batch of cookies, pick family movie or game, breakfast in bed, date with Mom/Dad, baking together, backyard campfire, craft time, pajama day, family hide and seek, extra bedtime story, indoor picnic, pancakes for dinner (or your choice)      

*small trinkets: candy/chocolate/gum, stickers, key chain, sticky notes/notepads, gel pens, playing cards, bubbles, bouncy ball, hair ties, bath bomb, putty, mini puzzle              

*fun: unscramble message ('zizap' for dinner?), a joke (knock knock), a picture note, photo, poem 

*money: school store, a cupcake or coffee in town, to treat sibling and self to Slurpee, to save up for something special